JF, Field Made's Co-Founder, Shares One of His Favourite Camera Bag

In this Inaugural Show and Tell Series, JF, Co-founder of Field Made, Reveals His Trusted Camera Bag.

JF here, co-founder of Field Made Co., and I'm excited to kick off a new series with you – the Show and Tell. In this series, we'll dive into the intimate details of photographers' gear, exploring the stories behind the bags that have become trusted companions on countless shoots. It's not about the latest and greatest; it's about the seasoned veterans who have weathered the storms and stood the test of time. So, without further ado, let's open the door to our gear closets and start with a nod to an old workhorse of mine – the LowePro Photo Trekker Pro AW 650.

This bag has endured the elements like a seasoned adventurer. From multiple snow shoots to enduring rain showers, it's been through it all. Tossed in the back of trucks, trudging through dirt, mud, and dust, it's faced every challenge head-on. It's a good thing it's "weatherproof," because it's seen its fair share of the elements and emerged unscathed

The LowePro Photo Trekker Aw 650 featured by Field Made Co
Let's discuss the size of this bag - it's enormous. It's the type of bag that can hold everything you might need for a small commercial shoot. There are endless pockets to organize gear and provide a place for everything, and I mean everything. From lenses to snacks, this bag has got you covered. I also appreciate that the bag is extra deep, allowing me to store most lenses upright along with flash heads. Although the bag is huge, it doesn't bother me as I am 6 feet 4 inches tall, so it suits me well. Moreover, there is a designated space for a hydration bladder because it's essential to stay hydrated, and there is also a laptop sleeve. 

Comfort-wise, the shoulder straps and hip belt are solid and fully adjustable. The weight distribution is decent, making it manageable whether you're navigating city streets or venturing into more rugged terrains. And here's a neat feature – an external pocket that moonlights as a hip bag. Perfect for stashing spare clothes and snacks without rummaging through your main gear.

The LowePro Photo Trekker backpack featured by Field Made Co
The only thing that doesn't quite click for me are the memory card pockets in the bag lid. They're just useless. I would rather see a couple of small pockets instead. But hey, that's just one small detail in an otherwise stellar bag.

If you're interested in this bag, it's worth noting that it has since been replaced by version II. The updated model brings some improvements, addressing the quirks of the original while retaining the essence that made it a favourite.

So here's to the LowePro Photo Trekker Pro AW 650, a reliable companion on many photographic journeys. Stay tuned for more Show and Tell as we explore the stories behind the gear that helps us capture life's moments.

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And here's an invitation to you – we want to hear about your favorite bags or cases! Share a quality image of your trusty and organized companion (bonus points for those Field Made Co. labels, wink) and let us know why it's your go-to. Bags or cases that get featured will receive a $25 Field Made Co gift card. Shoot me an email at jf@fieldmade.co, and who knows, your bag might be featured in the next edition of Show and Tell.

Until next time, see you out in the field.

Cheers, JF

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In this Inaugural Show and Tell Series, JF, Co-founder of Field Made, Reveals His Trusted Camera Bag.
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