Founder's Vision

Field Made was born from our love of photography. We love the deep absorption and consideration of the photograph to be made. We love the smell of the crisp morning air and how the hours pass like minutes when waiting for the perfect light, moving around, recomposing, observing the changing light. And we love the gratification of creating something unique that hasn’t existed before. 

Field Made is our way of extending that love of creating into the finest and useful products made and in doing so, inspire and empower people by the things we make.

So how do we do this? Our stories and products inspire people with possibilities: take better pictures, learn, accomplish things with their own two hands, and have new enriching experiences. Our tools and gear empowers them to fulfill those possibilities.

Our customers are photographers, artists, creators, and curiosity seekers who only want one thing from us: quality. In a world where true considered quality is increasingly rare, we are a reassuring promise that there are those who are still devoted to the craft of well made things.



This Is Us.

A small Montreal family who decided to dive right in.

Jean-François is an accomplished photographer & artist with almost 20 years under his belt, on a mission to make the most of life. Vivian is a creative and content producer always searching for her next challenge. Together, they were inspired by their daughter Olivia to create this store, a project born from love and passion for photography & design.