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S.E. Silver Foil Camera Indicators

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Bring your photo or video bag to an all new level of organisation with lens and camera indicator labels by Field Made Co.

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Indicator Labels


Indicator Labels


Indicator Labels


Indicator Labels


Indicator Labels


Add five lens indicators labels to cart - THE FIFTH ONE IS FREE!

Field Made lens identification stickers for Canon RF Lens and body caps
Canon RF Lens & Body Identification Sticker Set
$29.99 CAD
Sony FE Lens Identification Sticker - Single
$7.99 CAD
Canon EF Lens Identification Sticker - Single
$7.99 CAD
Special Edition Silver Foil indicator Sticker for Sony FE Body caps
$8.99 CAD
Canon RF Lens Identification Sticker - Single
$7.99 CAD

What Everyone's Saying


They are excellent quality and look amazing in my kit bag, it makes finding the right lens a piece of cake.

Christopher B.
Andover, United Kingdom

These Id stickers help keep me organized so I know where everything is at all times. Glad I ordered this product!

Jeff V.
San Diego CA, United States

I am drawn to anything that organizes and simplifies my life. Having the stickers is a fun way to organize lenses and make it easier to pick the lens I want when I look in my camera bag.

Zay R.
EAST LANSING MI, United States

I LOVED the packing, branding, field made co sticker, and the personal note card.  the application guide was useful, and the stickers easy to apply.

Michael S.
Lake Oswego OR, United States

Sometimes You Don't Realize What You Need. The ID Stickers are excellent. They make it quick to find a specific lens in my camera bag

Oliver M.
Silver Spring MD, United States

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Field Made Camera Enamel Pin
$12.99 CAD
Capture the World Enamel Pin
$12.99 CAD
Field of View Enamel Pin
$12.99 CAD

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