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The Field Made Co Story

On the south shore of Montreal, in the heart of the pandemic's whirlwind in 2020, Field Made Co was born, the brainchild of us, J.F. and Vivian. With nearly two decades devoted to capturing images as commercial photographers, we found ourselves with a rare gift – time – and a burning desire to delve into the world of e-commerce.

Field Made Co inspirationField Made Co inspiration

We couldn't let the pandemic's challenges stifle our dreams. Despite the hurdles of closed shops and limited operations, we managed to prototype our revolutionary camera and lens indicator labels. It almost felt clandestine, finding a printer willing to bring our ideas to life in March 2020. And that's how, against the odds, Field Made Co was launched, right at the backdoor of that printer. 

Our journey was about crafting the perfect design and materials. After numerous prototypes and refining every detail, we proudly unveiled the Field Made Co online store in September 2020. We knew the timing was perfect, aligning our launch with our continued roles as photographers, capturing life's moments.

Field Made Co design and moodboard
Our design process: Lots of prototypes and experimentation

As 2021 rolled in, our growth was steady, though not without its challenges. But September brought a remarkable turning point – our label system caught the eye of renowned platforms like PetaPixel, DPReviews, and Digital Camera World. This spotlight catapulted us forward.

The year 2022 brought an ambitious investment – creating our own labels in-house. Yet, like any leap, it wasn't without its stumbles. Technical hurdles and a learning curve slowed us down, but we persevered. This leap enabled us to take control, achieve faster production times, and ensure the quality we stand for.

Fast-forward to 2023, and Field Made Co's indicator labels have reached photographers and filmmakers across more than 70 countries. From those early pandemic-born aspirations to the global stage, our journey is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the power of progress. As we continue scripting our story, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary ride.

See you out there.

J.F. and Vivian
Co-Founders at Field Made

J.F. & Vivian

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